Happy Clients

Prescribed medication through your letterbox

The Background

Lloyds Direct was co-founded by people who were frustrated by the hassle of managing their NHS prescriptions; they knew there could be a better way. So in 2015, they built a different kind of pharmacy operating directly with GPs to deliver medicine for free to your door.

The Brief

Phenomenal growth and an ambitious business plan lead them to seek a supplier who could support and partner with them as their business grew. They knew they needed to work directly with a manufacturer; a company prepared to help them develop and evolve post-box friendly packaging at a competitive price.

The Solution

From their existing simple wrapper, our designers created a range of fast and easy assembly packaging that kept weight to an absolute minimum to offset postage costs.

Lloyds Direct were extremely happy with how we provided a seamless extension to their business and supported their growth and evolving business structure which continues to this day.

“Reedbut worked closely with us to develop the best packaging solution for transporting medicines safely to our patients. They actively listened to our requirements before working their magic to build a solution that’s fit for our business.

As the profile of our patients changed, so too did our packaging offering. We needed packaging that’s tamper-proof and discreet in terms of branding. Reedbut were able to leverage their extensive experience across multiple industries to make it happen.

Having been partners for many years, our relationship flourished the most during the COVID-19 pandemic, when our patient base skyrocketed. Overnight, thousands of patients up and down the country relied on us to get their medicines, and we couldn’t have done it without Reedbut.

Three years on, the journey to offer our patients the best packaging possible continues. I could not recommend Reedbut enough!

Gobi Chandrakumar, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics, LloydsDirect

Quick response to market conditions

The Background

L’Occitane spent several years developing a new and innovative personalised skincare solution, Duolab.  The unique technology allows L’Occitane customers to customise their own face cream, tailored to their skin’s needs. When the Duolab launched, it was nominated for the 2020 Vogue Beauty Awards.

The Brief

Duolab emerged onto the market during the early days of the pandemic, and it soon became apparent that the success of the product would be reliant on online sales and promotion through the QVC sales channel.

L’Occitane approached us to develop a transit pack for Duolab that could protect the products during shipping, as their inner box was very susceptible to damage. They were also looking to provide an enjoyable unboxing experience for their customers, replicating the instore buying experience in a way that made their customers feel cared for.

The Solution

Our design team worked to develop a secure and robust pack to hold the Duolab unit and the ancillary products and creams, utilising clever internal suspension fittings.

Final design considerations were a seal tape for security, a tear tape for the consumer to open the pack, and simple but bold graphics printed inside with a discreet outer face to minimise opportune theft.

L’Occitane were thrilled with the results of our design team’s hard work, and how the final product combined secure packaging with eye-catching graphics for a unique unboxing experience.


Flying high with skytidy®

The Background

Back in 2010 we were approached by a senior procurement manager from a major British airline.  We were presented with a sample box that was unlike anything we had seen before, a trash compactor case. The manager demonstrated to us how the box was utilised to store and compact waste products in-flight, onboard their long-haul aircraft.

The skytidy® Safran box, viewed from the side. The cardboard box is printed with the skytidy® logo, the FSC® logo, and other relevant information.
The Brief

The airline had been utilising this particular box for several years but had been experiencing an increasingly poor reliability record and numerous quality issues. In addition, constant disruption in the supply chain of the box, stretching across the world, was also impacting their day-to-day business.  The existing box was deemed no longer fit for purpose. The airline therefore made an important decision to seek out a manufacturer with design credentials to help them.

The brief was to design and construct a reliable composite waterproof container, that could be manufactured and supplied to the UK & Europe. Time was a major factor because this was also a vital ‘No-Fly’ item.


The Solution

In conjunction with an engineering team and experienced cabin crew staff from the airline, a number of prototypes were designed. Over several months, various models were conceived and tested on-board aircraft until we arrived at the current design.

The box offers exceptional and dependable performance in the long-haul flight cycle and has since proved to have an unsurpassed reliability record in the cabin environment. It performs as a seamless component in the trash compactor cycle; resilient, puncture resistant and fully waterproof, all essential features for long-haul flights.

Now manufactured and held in stock in the United Kingdom, these boxes are available for worldwide distribution.


Locally made, more sustainable packaging

The Background

Sonatest is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic inspection equipment, recognised around the world for the quality of their products since 1958.

Among their wide selection of products, they offer a comprehensive range of portable ultrasonic flaw detectors, providing unrivalled flexibility and high performance in the field of Non Destructive Flaw Detection.

The Brief

Sonatest were looking to buy local and directly from the manufacturer, and the company being based in Milton Keynes made Reedbut Group an ideal choice.

They approached us with several key objectives that the updated packaging needed to meet. These included the removal of plastic and foam with the goal of more sustainable packaging overall, and a reduction in both packaging and transportation costs.

Sonatest also wanted to improve their customers’ experience, with simplified branded packaging that was easy to open, use, and store upon receipt.

The Solution

The previous packaging for Sonatest’s flaw detectors contained two different sizes of foam inserts, designed to hold the different detector shapes. Because the old packaging was utilising a regular 0201 case, the foam pieces were needed to protect the product parts during transit.

We developed a new, more compact bespoke box which eliminated the need for the foam pieces. Each part of the product is now held in place by the corrugated interior sections of the box itself, saving Sonatest significant storage space in their warehouse compared to the bulky foam inserts.

This new box is easy to assemble, free of glue and tape, and fully recyclable. Printed with simple branded graphics inside and out, it offers a compact, sustainable solution to transporting and storing flaw detector products.

As a company committed to sustainability, finding a packaging solution that is both environmentally friendly and safe for transportation was a top priority for us.

Reedbut not only delivered on this promise, but exceeded our expectations with a fully recyclable box that was also branded to our specifications. The attention to detail and quality of the box was impressive, and we felt confident in its ability to protect our products during transit around the world.

From the initial design phase to the final product, they worked closely with us to ensure we were fully satisfied with every aspect of the box. They were receptive to our feedback and offered innovative solutions to any challenges we encountered along the way.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the partnership we have formed with Reedbut and look forward to working with them on future projects. We highly recommend Reedbut to any company looking for a sustainable, high-quality packaging solution.”

Chris Dix, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Sonatest