An exclusive Reedbut Group product developed in collaboration with a leading British airline, the skytidy® airline trash compactor box is a unique solution designed to help ease the process of onboard rubbish collection. Available from stock for delivery worldwide.

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The skytidy® range featuring Zodiac and Iacobucci

Over four years of rigorous testing in standard single and double trash compactor systems, the skytidy® Zodiac was built to ensure it performs as a seamless component of the inflight trash compactor cycle. Puncture-resistant, fully waterproof, and made from recycled materials, it’s ideal for both quick runway turnarounds and hygienic storage of accumulated rubbish.

We supply skytidy® to a number of airlines including British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Air Caraïbes, Iberia, TUI, and EVA Air, manufacturing 24/5 with a fully automated system for worldwide distribution.

As part of the skytidy® product range, we now offer the skytidy® Zodiac trash compactor box, skytidy® Iacobucci for top-loading trash compactor units, skytidy® ecotrays, designed as a substitute for conventional plastic cabin trolley trays, and skytidy® trolley-top trays, sustainable utility boxes for aircrew to place food, drinks, cutlery, and decanters while serving passengers.

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