We offer a variety of unique and innovative eCommerce packaging for a fantastic customer unboxing experience, while you can remain safe in the knowledge that your goods will arrive perfectly intact.

Take a look at our wide range of products including the exclusive eLok and eLetterbox, designed and developed with sustainability in mind.

Industrial & Protective

We manufacture cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to meet all your shipping requirements and keep your products intact.

Our protective packaging solutions help our customers optimise their transport and storage costs, and ensure that fragile, delicate items are kept secure during transit so they can arrive in one piece.


Shelf-Ready Packs (SRPs) are suitable for any retail environment as an effective method to improve in-store visibility, drive sales and increase brand awareness.

We can manufacture the ideal box to serve not only as a valuable basis for product display, with tear-off tops allowing your products to be visible in an instant, but also as a safe and secure transit case, saving time, money and labour.


We produce high-quality flexographic print packaging for retail, including a digital print service for shorter runs, because we understand that retail packaging with impressive print and creative designs captures the attention of customers.

With your retail and product packaging success now more critical than ever, we have the design expertise to make your product stand out.


We manufacture a range of archive and storage boxes, including our patented STRONGLok box.

Specially constructed for the long-term storage and preservation of documents, photographs, files, and more, our archive boxes can be printed with up to three colours using high-quality flexographic ink.


Discover the skytidy® product range, including the skytidy® Zodiac trash compactor box, skytidy® Iacobucci for top-loading trash compactor units, skytidy® ecotrays, and skytidy® trolley-top trays.

All these products are made from sustainable materials and designed to help streamline the process of onboard rubbish collection.

Need a little help?

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