Flying high with skytidy®

The Background

Back in 2010 we were approached by a senior procurement manager from a major British airline. We were presented with a sample box that was unlike anything we had seen before, a trash compactor case.

The manager demonstrated to us how the box was utilised to store and compact waste products in-flight, onboard their long-haul aircraft.

The Brief

The airline had been utilising this particular box for several years but had been experiencing an increasingly poor reliability record and numerous quality issues. In addition, constant disruption in the supply chain of the box, stretching across the world, was also impacting their day-to-day business.

The existing box was deemed no longer fit for purpose. The airline therefore made an important decision to seek out a manufacturer with design credentials to help them.

The brief was to design and construct a reliable composite waterproof container, that could be manufactured and supplied to the UK & Europe. Time was a major factor because this was also a vital ‘No-Fly’ item.

The Solution

In conjunction with an engineering team and experienced cabin crew staff from the airline, a number of prototypes were designed. Over several months, various models were conceived and tested on-board aircraft until we arrived at the current design.

The box offers exceptional and dependable performance in the long-haul flight cycle and has since proved to have an unsurpassed reliability record in the cabin environment. It performs as a seamless component in the trash compactor cycle; resilient, puncture resistant and fully waterproof, all essential features for long-haul flights.

Now manufactured 24/5 and held in stock in the United Kingdom, these boxes are available for worldwide distribution.

The skytidy® Safran box, viewed from the side. The cardboard box is printed with the skytidy® logo, the FSC® logo, and other relevant information.


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