Quick response to market conditions

The Background

L’Occitane spent several years developing a new and innovative personalised skincare solution, Duolab. The unique technology allows L’Occitane customers to customise their own face cream, tailored to their skin’s needs.

When the Duolab launched, it was nominated for the 2020 Vogue Beauty Awards.

The Brief

Duolab emerged onto the market during the early days of the pandemic, and it soon became apparent that the success of the product would be reliant on online sales and promotion through the QVC sales channel.

L’Occitane approached us to develop a transit pack for Duolab that could protect the products during shipping, as their inner box was very susceptible to damage.

They were also looking to provide an enjoyable unboxing experience for their customers, replicating the instore buying experience in a way that made their customers feel cared for.


The Solution

Our design team worked to develop a secure and robust pack to hold the Duolab unit and the ancillary products and creams, utilising clever internal suspension fittings.

Final design considerations were a seal tape for security, a tear tape for the consumer to open the pack, and simple but bold graphics printed inside with a discreet outer face to minimise opportune theft.

L’Occitane were thrilled with the results of our design team’s hard work, and how the final product combined secure packaging with eye-catching graphics for a unique unboxing experience.


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