The skytidy® range: sustainable innovation in flight

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Over four years of rigorous testing in standard single and double trash compactor systems, the original skytidy® was built to ensure it performs as a seamless component of the inflight trash compactor cycle.

Developed in collaboration with a leading British airline, the skytidy® airline trash compactor box is a unique solution designed to help ease the process of onboard rubbish collection and help with fast turnaround.

In the years since skytidy®’s launch, we have expanded our manufacturing of hygienic packaging products for airlines, and now offer a range of solutions designed to take inflight sustainability to new heights!

skytidy® lite

We are now producing skytidy® lite, a brand-new version of our airline trash compactor box made from corrugated materials for a lighter, more cost-effective solution to onboard rubbish collection.

  • Weight saving of over 250g per unit

  • FSC® approved recycled materials

  • Increased flexibility

  • Puncture-resistant and fully waterproof

  • Fully collapsible for easy inflight storage

The skytidy® lite corrugated trash compactor box remains fully compatible with both Safran and Iacobucci compactors.

Ecotrays and trolley-top trays

Our skytidy® ecotrays are 100% recyclable. They can be pre-loaded by vendors with inflight meals, snacks, and drinks, then removed from cabin trolleys for dispensing.

With the option of high-quality flexo print, these sustainable cardboard trays can also be used to promote food and drink and other inflight purchases, or display messaging for passengers.

The skytidy® trolley-top trays are cardboard utility boxes for aircrew to place food, drinks, cutlery, and decanters while serving passengers. They can also be printed with graphics for promotions, offers, and customer information.

Following cabin service, the sustainable cardboard boxes can be used to quickly remove passenger waste back to the galley area, for easier and more efficient inflight clean-up.

Oven trays

The skytidy® oven safe trays, made from sustainable recycled cardboard, are compatible with all front-loading ovens and suitable for heating food at temperatures up to 220˚C.

These trays offer a lightweight alternative to metal or plastic oven trays, and are fully collapsible for easy storage.

Trolley bins

Our latest inflight innovation, skytidy® trolley bins are made out of sustainable corrugated board, with a huge weight saving on the current metal bin and bin liner method.


  • Manufactured in FSC® materials

  • 100% recyclable

  • One-piece design

  • Fully collapsible for inflight storage

  • Leak and moisture resistant

  • Light-weight

  • Single motion assembly

We’re FSC® certified, allowing us to identify, purchase and use wood, paper, and other forest products made with sustainable materials in all skytidy® products. We supply skytidy® to a number of airlines including British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Air Caraïbes, Iberia, TUI, and EVA Air, manufacturing 24/5 with a fully automated system. Available from stock for delivery worldwide.

Interested? View the full product range or talk to us today. We’re also exhibiting at the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) in May, where you can meet the team and discuss the manufacturing innovation behind skytidy®. Find out more and register to visit here.