An exclusive Reedbut Group product developed in collaboration with a leading British airline, the skytidy® airline trash compactor box is a unique solution designed to help ease the process of onboard rubbish collection.

We supply skytidy® to a number of airlines including British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Air Caraïbes, Iberia, TUI, and EVA Air, manufacturing 24/5 with a fully automated system. Available from stock for delivery worldwide.

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skytidy® trolley-top trays

The skytidy® trolley-top trays are utility boxes for aircrew to place food, drinks, cutlery, and decanters while serving passengers. Utilised at eye-level in the cabin environment, that can be branded with graphics for promotions, offers, and customer information. Following cabin service, the sustainable cardboard boxes can be used to remove passenger waste back to the galley area, for easy and efficient inflight clean-up.

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