Reedbut Group annual roundup Highlights from 2023

Part Two: Brand New Products


Welcome to the second installment of our annual roundup blog series for 2023! If you’d like to catch up on the first post from last week, you can find it here.

This week, we’re showcasing the new and exclusive products which we launched among our wide range of packaging solutions over the last twelve months. 


Towards the end of last year, our design team began to work on a new plastic-free eCommerce packaging solution. The goal was to create an alternative to plastic-based bags or padded envelopes; recyclable packaging, that still ensured the contents were fully protected. The result was our innovative corrugated mailer pack, the e-Envelope, which made its official debut at Packaging Innovations 2023 and was shortlisted for the Innovation Gallery.

Photo of a display for the e-Envelope. The e-Envelope is a thin cardboard pack with a perforated opening flap. It is displayed closed, partly open, and fully open to reveal a small white box as its contents.

The e-Envelope corrugated cardboard pack offers a unique, letterbox-friendly option for packaging flat or thin items for mailing, with a tamper-evident locking mechanism and extra rigidity built into the design. Manufactured from FSC® approved sustainable materials and water-based glue, it’s completely free of tape and plastic, quick and easy to assemble, and 100% recyclable.


This year saw the launch of several new sustainable products in our skytidy® range. These include skytidy® lite, a new corrugated version of our exclusive airline trash compactor box which offers a lighter, more cost-effective solution to onboard rubbish collection. Constructed from FSC® approved recycled materials, the corrugated skytidy® lite is puncture-resistant and waterproof with increased flexibility.








We were also pleased to announce our new skytidy® oven trays this year – a 100% recyclable alternative to plastic or metal ovenable baskets. The skytidy® oven safe trays are compatible with all front-loading ovens and suitable for temperatures up to 220˚C. Fully collapsible and made from recycled cardboard, they are food-contact safe and feature a unique heat-circulation design.

Our latest inflight innovation from 2023, skytidy® trolley bins, are made out of sustainable corrugated board, with a huge weight saving on the current metal bin and bin liner method. The one-piece design is fully collapsible for inflight storage, and assembles quickly in a single motion. 100% recyclable, and leak and moisture resistant.

eReturn and eSecure

For London Packaging Week 2023, the Reedbut Group design team wanted to create and showcase two new innovative packaging solutions to join our wide range of exclusive boxes. These were the eReturn and eSecure, our latest sustainable eCommerce packages designed to keep products safe and secure.

The award-winning eReturn is a unique returnable box, made from fully recyclable corrugated cardboard and completely free of tape, plastic and glue. With a tape-free double-lock system to ensure products arrive safely whether dispatched or sent back, the eReturn eases the way for your customers.

The eSecure, our new sustainable protective package, utilises custom cardboard internal fittings to minimise empty space and reduce movement of the box contents. Its single-piece design keeps phones, tablets, and other tech items well-protected during transit without additional internal fittings. High-quality print can be applied to both of these boxes inside and out in a single machine pass, saving time and lowering costs. Stock and bespoke sizes are available, to suit a wide variety of products.

We’re always striving to bring more innovative packaging solutions to our customers, all designed with sustainability in mind, and this year we’ve worked hard to widen our ranges of exclusive eco-friendly boxes.

Next week, we’ll be highlighting at some major changes that took place at our Milton Keynes site this year. Stay tuned!