Product Showcase: skytidy®

skytidy®: streamline inflight rubbish collection

  • Fully collapsible for inflight storage
  • FSC® approved recycled materials
  • Fully waterproof
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Compatible with front-loading and top-loading trash compactors
  • Available from stock for delivery worldwide

The skytidy ® Safran airline trash compactor box is an exclusive Reedbut Group product. Manufactured using a fully automated system, it works seamlessly as part of the inflight trash compactor cycle.

These boxes were developed with a leading British airline. They are designed to streamline onboard rubbish collection and are made from sustainable, FSC® approved materials.


The skytidy® Safran box, along with the skytidy® Iacobucci, is puncture-resistant and fully waterproof. Constructed from solid fibre board including sustainable kraft paper, the boxes are safety tested for flammability and toxicity. They’re also fully collapsible for easy storage, saving valuable space onboard. Additionally, the skytidy® Safran is compatible with all front loading trash compactor units.

The skytidy® Safran box, viewed from the side. The cardboard box is printed with the skytidy® logo, the FSC® logo, and other relevant information.

The product range

As part of the complete product range, we offer the skytidy® Safran and skytidy® Iacobucci, for top-loading units. We also offer skytidy® ecotrays, a substitute for plastic cabin trolley trays; and skytidy® trolley-top trays, sustainable boxes for food, drinks, cutlery, and everything else needed while serving passengers.

The skytidy® ecotrays and trolley-top trays are both made from sustainable, recyclable cardboard. Ecotrays are pre-loaded by vendors with meals, snacks, drinks, and more, then removed from cabin trolleys for easy dispensing. The skytidy® trolley-top trays are utilised following cabin service to remove passenger waste and transport it back to the galley area, for smooth and efficient onboard clean-up.

Each of these products can be used to promote inflight purchases and offers, or display important customer messaging. Digital printing and branding with full colour graphics, provides an alternative for communicating information to passengers while in flight.

If you’d like to know more about any of these products, take a look at the full range, or contact us for more information!