Powering the Circular Economy – Investment in New Machinery and Stock & Serve

There is so much going on in the world of packaging which will not have passed you by!  The obvious challenges are being dealt with incredibly well by this sector; Covid, supply chain issues, recruitment and an immense uplift in demand from online retail. All of this whilst operating in a considered manner to support the environmental issues that we all face and, power the circular economy.



Adding Strength to our Print and Diecut Capability

With the huge growth in ecommerce over the last 18 months and with a growing demand for print on both the inside and outside of boxes, we took the natural step to invest in a new inline double-sided print & die-cut machine.  This addition (not a replacement) is massively welcomed as it improves both our capacity and volume output.




Group Managing Director, Trevor Green said:

This new investment will allow us to improve efficiencies with the ability to print on both sides of the board in a single pass thus reducing manufacturing times and offering our customers packaging manufactured in the most cost effective and environmentally considered method.”


Listening to Our Customers leads to Investment in Stock & Serve

In addition to the new machine, we listened to what our current and potential customers would like to see from their corrugated box manufacturer.

The consensus of opinion was simple; people want to increase their use of “just-in-time” delivery from stock.  Consequently, we’ve invested in our existing Stock & Serve facility; implementing narrow isle racking and new VNA forklift trucks.  This will give the Reedbut Group an increase in pallet spaces which will benefit our new and existing customers.


Group Sales Director, Jason Jeffery said:

I talk to our customers and potential customers daily, and without fail continuity of supply is key to them. Our facilities and high production capacity allow us not only to design and manufacture to our customer’s specification, investment in our capacity to Stock & Serve gives further peace of mind that their products will be available when needed.


And finally…

Powering the circular economy is about action, not just words.  Here at the Reedbut Group, we are always looking for ways to reduce, remove and recycle in our processes and production methods.  Our website has a Sustainability section to keep people informed about what we’re doing.  You may also be interested in reading our article about ensuring eco-friendly delivery or, the benefits of using corrugated cardboard.

Investing now in new machinery and improved storage facilities is yet another way in which we are doing the right thing for the future.


Thank you for reading all about the investment we have made in our business.  We would love to work with you on any new or existing requirements to see if we can help improve your efficiencies, remove cost from your existing packaging and power up your contribution to the circular economy.

We look forward to hearing from you; click here for our contact details.


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