Benefits of Corrugated Packaging in the Food & Drink Industry

Corrugated packaging has many advantages over other common materials when selecting suitable packaging for food and drink products. More than 50% of the corrugated material produced every year is used for food packaging. Corrugated packaging is undoubtedly a safer and more sustainable choice, but what other advantages does corrugated packaging have? Here are just a few!

1. Keeps food protected
Corrugated boxes provide a stable and robust cushion for any food/drink product, protecting it during handling and transit.

2. Reduces waste
It is becoming more and more popular to repurpose and reuse corrugated boxes these days, so much of the corrugated packaging that comes through our doors is too pretty to throw away! From pet houses and bird feeders to magazine holders and jewellery boxes, many food and beverage boxes can be reused in other areas of the home making them a great sustainable option.

3. A better unboxing experience
Food product packaging needs to grab your customers ‘ attention to drive repeat sales immediately, particularly for products with a limited shelf life. The whole unboxing experience is so important, from how it arrives with your customers to how it is opened, viewed, handled, and enjoyed. The right display packaging will also showcase your products and really make you stand out on the shelf! Many of our products are suitable to go straight from the warehouse to the shop floor, shelf-ready packaging.

4. More economical
Corrugated boxes keep shipping costs low since they are lightweight and sturdy. From small start-ups to large food and drink corporates, corrugated packaging is often the most cost-effective solution.

5. A more hygienic option
When producing corrugated board, layers of paper are formed and bonded at extremely high temperatures, often over 100°C, which is hotter than most organisms can survive. This means that even corrugated board which is made from recycled materials is sanitised as part of the manufacturing process. Corrugated material also keeps moisture away from products, particularly important in long-distance transportation.

6. Custom design
When it comes to corrugated food and beverage boxes, the design is crucial. A custom design will enhance your brand visibility and ensure you stand out in a retail environment. Make a real impact with your packaging design, something that is so often forgotten. We can print both the inside and outside of your box; find out more about this service here.

7. Environmentally Conscious Choice
Lastly, corrugated board is an environmentally conscious choice for packaging in the Food & Drink industry. With the need for single-use plastics to be reduced worldwide, corrugated stands out as the best option. Insufficient packaging can decrease the shelf-life of a perishable product and potentially generate unnecessary food waste.
Our corrugated board is sustainably produced using a high percentage of recycled materials, and we are proud to source FSC® material for all our customers. We often write about our sustainability efforts on our blog; head over there to find out more.

If you would like more information regarding our Food & Drink packaging, get in touch with our team of friendly experts.