How we create your perfect personalised packaging

Work with the Reedbut Group team to design and manufacture your ideal eCommerce packaging solution

In the UK, over 80% of the population makes eCommerce purchases – in other words, over 4/5 UK consumers are digital buyers. But it’s not just about purchasing a product online and having it delivered these days; brands and businesses are striving to make their products stand out among their competitors with personalised touches, unboxing experiences, and more. Quality, convenience, and above all sustainability are key components of the full customer experience.

Brand Recognition

We can work with you to design packaging solutions based around your products, with high-quality printing inside and out using your brand’s colours, logos, and fonts. We can promote your identity through your boxes, so customers instantly recognise your products. Your brand also becomes associated with sustainability and sustainable packaging choices – we strive to design and manufacture boxes that are as eco-friendly as possible.

You’ll be able to work with our in-house team through every stage of the design process, in order to create the most memorable unboxing experience for your customers. This can include a more discreet packaging design on the exterior of the box, which can not only lower the risk of theft but really amp up the wow factor when the bright, branded interior is revealed!

Customer Experience

The box which arrives on a customer’s doorstep doesn’t have to be the end of their customer journey. Designs inside and outside your box can encourage customer engagement. Get people talking about your products online through the use of QR codes, social media account account info, website URLs, hashtags, and more, printed directly onto the packaging!

Want to tell the story of your company through your packaging, or provide useful customer service information for any comments or queries? We can work with you to incorporate it all into your unique packaging design.

We can also design a box that’s quick and easy to assemble before sending out to customers, and easy to open upon receipt, with a range of sealing options including tear-off strips, recyclable paper-based tape, and our exclusive secure eLok-style locking mechanism. Need your packaging to be returnable? We’ve got you covered with that, too!

Cost Effectiveness

Your packaging is designed from the very first step to be suited to your products. This minimises empty space and saves on materials, all while offering additional protection by reducing the risk of items moving around inside their box and becoming damaged in transit.

This also helps you save on transport costs, and with our Stock & Serve system we can keep your on-site storage costs down too. We’ll store your bespoke cardboard boxes at any of our three UK manufacturing sites, ready to be called off at your convenience.

All stock is bar coded and controlled at pallet level to ensure accuracy. Our customers can request manageable quantities as required, saving on valuable storage space.


We’re dedicated to protecting the environment through innovative packaging, and we always strive to design our bespoke boxes with this in mind. We want to ensure the packaging that we create for you aligns with our environmental goals. This means water-based inks, printing using the InkSave system to reduce ink wastage and water consumption, tape seals using 100% recyclable paper Rippatape, and much more!


We’re FSC® certified, allowing us to identify, purchase and use wood, paper, and other forest products made with sustainable materials in all our packaging products. We are a member of Sedex, have a bronze sustainability rating with EcoVadis, and we are BRCGS certified for direct contact food packaging.

Here at Reedbut Group, we have over 46 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of bespoke, high-quality corrugated packaging. If you’re ready to make the move to cardboard packaging that protects your products and makes your brand shine in a unique, sustainable way, get in touch!