NEW! 100% Recyclable Protective Packaging For Refurbished Tech

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new range of universal protective packaging solutions for refurbished games consoles, laptops, TVs, and more!

67% of 18-24 year olds are more likely to buy refurbished tech, with e-waste being a top priority for an age group looking to reduce their environmental impact. This includes the packaging in which refurbished products are shipped. We want to eliminate the need for single-use supplemental packaging inserts, and so we’re launching a new range of cardboard packaging that protects refurbished tech items in transit.

A lot of packaging for refurbished tech, like laptops or consoles, uses a standard cardboard box with foam or polystyrene pieces added inside to reduce movement and risk of damages. Our aim is to replace those with a fully cardboard solution, so all the packaging is 100% recyclable and much more sustainable. That means no plastic, no foam, no polystyrene, no moulded pulp – and no compromising on security!

The new packaging utilises unique sets of adjustable cardboard inserts, designed to fit:

Games Consoles

PS5 Digital & Disc Drive | PS Pro | PS4 | PS3 | PSP

XBOX | XBOX One | XBOX Series X | XBOX Series S

Nintendo Switch | Switch Lite | Switch 0LED

TVs from 24” to over 100” screens

Laptops, phones, and wearable tech

Custom boxes designed around the products themselves reduce empty space and movement during transit. The adjustable cardboard inserts featured in our new range guarantee a cost-effective, lightweight, environmentally-friendly way to keep tech devices protected.

Want to know more? View the full range or contact us today to see what we can do to develop your perfect protective packaging!