Benefits of Corrugated Packaging for Food and Drink

About 40% of corrugated packaging is used to protect food products. As a packaging choice, corrugated cardboard offers a sturdy yet flexible option to keep food and drink secure. Explore some of the greater benefits below!

Corrugated Packaging…


…Protects Food and Drink

Corrugated cardboard provides valuable protection for food and drink items. The secure yet lightweight boxes are also sanitised as part of the manufacturing process. They’re formed and bonded at high temperatures of 100°C or more, making them a hygienic choice that keeps moisture away from products inside.

…Keeps Costs Down

With bespoke corrugated packaging, transportation and storage costs are both reduced. Boxes can be designed to be fully collapsible, taking up less space both during transit and upon receipt.

…Reduces Waste

Corrugated boxes can be designed around the contents to minimise empty space. This lowers the risk of products moving around during transit and becoming damaged, which helps to increase shelf-life and reduce food waste. When the corrugated board is food-safe for direct contact, it also reduces the need for supplemental packaging inside the box, for a further waste reduction.

…Can Be Customised

A custom corrugated box can keep food protected and well-presented from the warehouse to the shop floor, ready for the shelves.  For a unique unboxing experience or an eye-catching display, it can be printed inside and out with high-quality print designs and food-safe, water-based ink.

…Helps The Environment

Made from a high percentage of recycled materials, corrugated cardboard is an ideal sustainable packaging choice for food and drink. It can be reused multiple times before being recycling again.


Here at Reedbut Group, we have over 46 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of bespoke, high-quality corrugated packaging. If you’re ready to make the move to corrugated cardboard packaging that protects your food and drink products and makes your brand stand out, get in touch today!