Why choose corrugated packaging?

With more and more businesses looking to increase sustainability levels throughout their operations, eco-friendly packaging is seeing a significant rise in popularity. Packaging can protect both its contents and the planet, while delivering a unique customer experience, is the ideal goal to strive for, and a key component is choosing the right material.

For high levels of sustainability and security, corrugated cardboard is a business’s best bet. Here’s why:



Corrugated cardboard is a highly sustainable material, with at least 70% of the board being made from recycled paper like newspaper or cartons.



As well as being made from recycled materials, corrugated boxes can be recycled again after use. Most corrugated packaging is made without the use of bleaches and dyes, too, which means it can be disposed of more sustainably.


Packaging needs to keep its contents well-protected. Corrugated cardboard is strong, flexible, and durable, ensuring products are secure during transit and remain so when stored upon receipt. It can be used multiple times prior to getting recycled to create new packaging.



Corrugated boxes can be designed to fit the product, reducing empty space inside and saving on transportation costs. Additionally, because the boxes are often designed to be collapsible, they can also save on storage space.



Being made from a high percentage of recycled materials means that corrugated packaging takes less energy to make. Most corrugated sheet manufacturers make use of local recycled content, which also lowers emissions.



Corrugated packaging allows for custom design and print options to really capture a customer’s attention. Branded corrugated boxes help you stand out from the competition, and with double-sided printing, you can really wow your customers with an exclusive unboxing experience.

At Reedbut Group, we have over 47 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of bespoke corrugated cardboard packaging. If you’re ready to make the move to corrugated packaging that protects your products and makes your brand stand out, get in touch today!