Packaging Intelligence with Reedbut Group

We work with our customers to develop bespoke cardboard box designs fit for purpose, removing any unnecessary packaging to drive down costs.

Our Packaging Intelligence Service will evaluate and recommend the most cost-effective solutions for:

  • Productivity
  • Customer Experience
  • Damages
  • Sustainability / Environmental Impact
  • Storage / Transport

Other benefits to choosing Packaging Intelligence by the Reedbut Group:

  • Access to the latest packaging innovations and manufacturing technologies
  • Packaging designed with the latest CAD technology
  • Fast track process for design and sampling
  • A tailored solution that is appropriate for your business

Case Study: Sonatest, Milton Keynes

Sonatest is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic inspection equipment, recognised around the world for the quality of their products since 1958.

They were looking to buy local and directly from the manufacturer, and the company being based in Milton Keynes made Reedbut Group an ideal choice. They approached us with  several key objectives that the updated packaging needed to meet, including the removal of plastic and foam with the goal of more sustainable packaging overall, and a reduction in both packaging and transportation costs.

Sonatest also wanted to improve their customers’ experience, with simplified branded packaging that was easy to open, use, and store upon receipt.


Our Solution

We developed a new, more compact bespoke box which eliminated the need for the foam pieces. Each part of the product is now held in place by the corrugated interior sections of the box itself, saving Sonatest significant storage space in their warehouse compared to the bulky foam inserts.

This new box is easy to assemble, free of glue and tape, and fully recyclable, printed with simple branded graphics inside and out.



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