Product Showcase: eReturn

Plastic and tape-free returnable packaging

  • Manufactured in FSC® materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • Two-sided print for an enhanced unboxing experience
  • Low-cost manufacturing in a single machine pass
  • Bespoke sizes to suit your product

For London Packaging Week 2023, our design team wanted to create and showcase a new innovative packaging solution to join our wide range of exclusive boxes.

The goal was to create a returnable box, which could not only keep products secure during transit but provide an easy, streamlined experience for eCommerce customers.

The solution we’re very proud to present is the brand new eReturn!

A brand new eCommerce solution

The eReturn offers a new and exclusive eCommerce packaging solution – a returnable box made from fully recyclable corrugated cardboard.

Manufactured from FSC® approved sustainable materials, the eReturn is completely free of tape, plastic and glue. Print can be applied inside and out in a single machine pass. Stock and bespoke sizes are available to suit a wide variety of products.

With a tape-free double-lock system to ensure products arrive safely whether dispatched or sent back, the eReturn eases the way for your customers.

Award-winning innovation

At London Packaging Week, the eReturn was nominated for and went on to win the Innovation Showcase! It stood out for its unique capabilities and exclusive design.

We’re proud of all the team’s hard work to create this brilliant sustainable box, that delivers a unique experience for customers and meets to the changing needs of eCommerce.

You can learn more about the eReturn and our other eCommerce products here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss what we can do for you!