Product Showcase: eLetterbox

eLetterbox: Plastic-free, letterbox-friendly packaging

  • 100% recyclable postal box
  • FSC© materials
  • No glue or tape
  • Letterbox-friendly (Royal Mail large letter rate)
  • Printed in a single machine pass
  • Quick assembly
  • Bespoke sizes available to suit your needs

At the beginning of 2022, the design team were looking to develop an eCommerce pack to go alongside our eLok box. The key factor? It had to be letterbox friendly, i.e. a single postal pack, to ensure the contents arrived safe and sound.

Following the success of eLok, we had identified the need for similar box with less depth. The new product also needed a secure seal, but had to be completely free of plastic, glue, and tape.

A unique solution

The eLetterbox meets all these needs and more – a unique solution for sustainable eCommerce packaging.

The 100% recyclable eLetterbox is manufactured from materials sourced from FSC® approved suppliers. Additionally it can be printed inside and out in a single machine pass, with up to three colours inside to create the perfect product setting.

Letterbox-friendly at Royal Mail large letter rates, the eLetterbox is also available in bespoke sizes. It can suit a wide range of products and reduces excess space, cutting costs and your carbon footprint.


A photo of the eLetterbox next to the Innovation Award for London Packaging Week 2022. The eLetterbox is open to reveal the bright pink print inside.

At London Packaging Week 2022, the eLetterbox won first place for innovation, recognised for its unique capabilities and design. We’re extremely proud of all the team’s hard work to create this brilliant sustainable box; they came up with a package that ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering an exceptional experience to eCommerce customers.

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