The Future is Green

Over the past two years, sustainability has become a significant goal for major retailers, brands and consumers.

Whether purchased from the “shop” or via the internet, all packaging elements of any product carry a message to the consumer about the green credentials of that business.

Consequently, packaging has become more than just a box, and the trends that influence it are changing.

Brand Owners Leading the Way

Levels of concern over the environment generally respond to the general public and specific interest groups. These influences also have an effect on brand owners and retailers.  Most businesses have sustainability targets, many with a 2025 deadline (in line with the UK government’s own pledge) and their products’ packaging is integral to their success.


Sustainability targets have been set a 2025 deadline

Consumer Attitudes

Strong pressure on companies and brand owners is coming from consumers. Following the wonderful BBC documentary, Blue Planet II,  presented by David Attenborough in 2018, the level of plastic pollution in oceans has become widely discussed.  This has since sparked a global reaction driven by demand coming from social media channels, with consumers sharing pictures of what they consider excessive packaging. 


And the Impact on Business? 

An independent study conducted in 2018 for the European carton and carton board association Pro Karton highlights the increasing importance of sustainability to consumers.


Design for Recycling

Considering recyclability at the initial design stage can produce major savings from a simple change in approach. Minimising the number of parts and the number of different materials can provide quick wins with longevity.

Has your packaging been designed to be recycled?


The growth of e‐Commerce is well documented and is a huge opportunity for the global packaging industry.  Worth $38.45 billion in packaging materials in 2019, it’s predicted to exceed $60 billion by 2023 (source: Smithers)

Eliminating unnecessary protective elements has become a top priority for leading e‐Commerce resellers. Fillers, oversized boxes, and rigid plastic structures have been replaced with molded fibre or kraft paper wrap. 

An evolving segment is “fit‐to‐product corrugated card”, with dedicated machinery shaping fanfold corrugated sheets to the shape of the contents. This eliminates the need for pre‐cut boxes, the volume of extra space being shipped, and protective elements – as well as better accommodating irregular shapes.

Major e‐Commerce firms – notably Amazon – have implemented standards both for customer friendly ‘frustration‐ free’ packaging and for sustainable packaging. Meeting these is a key step for converters and material suppliers in the future.

Our e-Lok and award winning E-Letterbox were both designed to support the growth of e-Commerce whilst ensuring a sustainable, secure and tamper proof packaging solution.



Distribution Packaging

Conventional distribution can also deliver advances in sustainability. For example wood pallets are made from a natural materials and easy‐to‐recycle or re‐use, but they are heavy.  Corrugated board pallets can be an option depending on the application and are much lighter, which saves on emissions during transport. 

We design and manufacture cost effective and environmentally friendly pallet packs.  These can be tailor-made to suit your shipping requirements and pallet sizes; supplied plain or printed, flat pack or assembled and attached to a pallet if required. They can also be designed to specific customer and retail store requirements; they become the outer and, the point of sale!



  • Sustainability has become a clear influence in packaging and is permeating all sectors of the industry
  • There are many routes to achieving incremental improvements
  • Customers and brand owners indicate they are willing to pay a premium for these
  • Pressure from consumers and non-governmental organisations is creating bias against some materials, pack types and formats
  • There are opportunities for a sustainable approach to packaging, using all materials – it just needs innovation!

How We Can Help?

With 45 years of experience, the Reedbut Group can help you reach your sustainability goals through our award winning innovation and our pledge to put the environment at the heart of everything we do. 

  • Sustainable packaging by design
  • Bespoke design to fit your product
  • Cost-effective and sustainable solutions
  • In-depth understanding of regulations and directives
  • BRGCS food accredited packaging