Meeting Jason Jeffery – Group Sales Director

As part of our Meet the Team series, we chat to Jason Jeffery, Group Sales Director for Reedbut Group and learn more about his role with us and what he enjoys doing when not busy bringing in new business opportunities.

Tell us a bit about your background and life before Reedbut

I have worked in the corrugated industry since my early 20’s. Initially, I was an Estimator, and then I moved on to a role as a Sales Representative and then a Sales Manager. I have learnt so much over the years, I feel I know the industry from the inside (of the box!) and out. I joined Reedbut back in 2010 and, in that time, I have enjoyed focussing on developing the group’s sales and marketing.

What is it that interests you about working in the corrugated board industry?

It may be a cliche, but it is undoubtedly true that no two days are ever the same in this industry. The demand for boxes spans many industries and sectors, all of which have their own distinct requirements. It is great to encounter so much variety within one role and to meet people from every walk of business life. It’s this variety that keeps me interested and on my toes, always ready to adapt to the challenges it may bring.

What do you see as the biggest challenges of working in this industry?

At the moment, and through recent times, it has undoubtedly been supply and demand. As a business, we need to react daily to market challenges relating to the supply and demand of corrugated. To do this it is imperative that we are constantly communicating effectively with our customers. The market is ever-changing and adapting to consumer behaviour, particularly the recent migration of the sale of products from in-store to eCommerce.
We must be ready to ensure our solutions satisfy and hopefully surpass our customer’s expectations. Not only that, but we also need to have the machine capabilities to meet this surge in demand. Our recent investment in a new inline double-sided print and die-cut machine means we can print both the inside and outside of our boxes in one pass, improving our overall capacity and volume output.

What is a typical day like for you at Reedbut? What does your job involve?

No two days are the same. I work with our existing customers and secure new sales opportunities through numerous sales and marketing tactics. I am enjoying focussing on growing our social networks and my own connections to build relationships. I enjoy talking to people and finding out how best we can help them!

In light of COP26, what is the Reedbut Group’s response to tackling the global challenges when sourcing raw materials, reducing carbon footprint and manufacturing?

Well, most importantly, FSC certification allows us to identify, purchase and use wood, paper, and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and sustainable sources.
Specifically, at our three manufacturing sites, we have reduced the energy used in heating our factories by returning the warm air drawn from the machines when the waste is extracted and fitted motion sensory lights.  We have also installed electric car charging ports for staff and visiting guests and continue to ensure that all waste materials are routinely recycled.

When you aren’t at work, what do you enjoy doing?

I love going on dads and sons camping trips, spending time with the family in the countryside or by the sea and watching my son play Rugby.